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Smart RxAssist

Taking the High Cost Out of Specialty Drugs

Reducing the Rising Costs of Specialty Medications

Innovations in pharmaceuticals have opened new worlds of drug therapies that can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life. Unfortunately, these therapies, also known as specialty drugs, often come with price tags that make some drugs unaffordable for many patients, even if they have health insurance. Some of these expensive specialty drugs can offer life-changing treatment for serious conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Even when a health plan offers some coverage for specialty drugs, many patients don’t comply with prescription treatment recommendations because of high copayments. This can result in a reduced patient quality of life and poor clinical outcomes, which can lead to significantly higher overall healthcare costs in the long run.

Smart RxAssist has an answer! By helping patients capture the maximum benefit of manufacturer copay cards, Smart RxAssist can reduce or even eliminate patient copays!

Smart RxAssist

How Smart RxAssist Helps Plan Patients

Even with health insurance, the copay or coinsurance of these specialty drugs can be a significant cost to patients. Smart RxAssist helps patients by keeping specialty medications affordable to promote patient compliance, with the ultimate goal of keeping them healthy. Smart RxAssist does this by helping patients find and enroll in manufacturer-funded copay programs available for specialty medications, which may be covered under both pharmacy or medical benefits. Smart RxAssist can reduce or even eliminate patient copays!

But we don’t stop there. We offer patients access to our Smart RxAssist Patient Advocates, a team of compassionate and highly-trained professionals that are here to support patients and guide them in enrolling in manufacturer assistance programs.


Delivering White Glove Service From Smart RxAssist Patient Advocates

Our Patient Advocates provide concierge-level service by:

  • Helping patients navigate enrollment in manufacturer financial assistance programs
  • Explaining to the patients their true out-of-pocket costs
  • Functioning as a dedicated resource for the patient, physician, pharmacy and the plan
  • Serving as a highly-trained resource in targeted disease states

Welcome to lower prices for specialty drugs!

Welcome to Smart RxAssist.

Taking the High Cost Out of Specialty Drugs

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